Friday, December 14, 2012

My Week In Instagrams: December 14, 2012

This past week has been full of yummy food. I looked through my Instagram photos, and that's pretty much the only thing I took photos of. Fitting, though, as we ate some pretty good food.
Here is what's going on in each of the photos:
  1. Where I am currently in the gift knitting progress. Over halfway through the first two balls. I'm taking a bit of time off of knitting it, as I have some things that need to be finished before this one is due. I might push this gift back to give it to Christine when she has the baby. Much less stressful this way.
  2. We picked up a queen sized pizza. It wasn't bad, but not great.
  3. The pattern for the "secret" gift knitting. I'm sure Christine has figured out what it is by now, if she's been checking my blog. I hope she likes it!
  4. I made a couple corned beef and swiss sandwiches after work one night. Rick and I love swiss cheese.
  5. Winston has been really odd lately. Growling at Rick and I, and we can't figure out why. This cute photo was taking between a few bouts of him arguing with me. We took him to the vet, and he gave us some instructions to help get Winston back to being his calm self.
  6. Snack plate night! A Ritz cracker, some yummy salami, marble cheese and a piece of pickled garlic. Rick and I do this pretty regularly.
  7. We went to Windsor so I could drop off more earrings to Poppy. Rick requested that we go to Malic's Delicatessen, and get corned beef sandwiches. I got pastrami this time around, and it was damn good.
  8. Yesterday at work, I had crappy microwave macaroni and cheese. It's pretty gross, the pasta feels over cooked, but it is filling enough for me to eat at work.
  9. Today Rick and I went to the Chuck Wagon, around the corner from the chiropractors office. I wanted to get my brows waxed at the salon near there, but had to wait about an hour so she could squeeze me in. We ate in the mean time. I had a Monte Cristo, Rick had a clubhouse, bowl of Navy bean soup, and we split a plate of onion rings. I was really happy with my choice. My brows also look great!
I think doing an Iinstagram post, and an Awesome Wednesday post are kind of redundant. I am going to change the way I do things again next week.

In knitting news, I have a couple knitting projects to do for some family members. Neither of them read my blog, but I am going to wait to post about them until after they are received. I'm going to get to work right now on the one for the young lady!

Are you folks ready for the holidays?

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