Thursday, April 24, 2008

I love knitting at school

Every Thursday, I take a pottery class at my highschool.
I usually stay after school, until the class starts, because I think it's a waste of gas to be driven back to my class only a few hours after school has finished.
I usually have something to do, or I bring knitting. Today, I brought the pink and white baby blanket. I sat in the cafeteria and knit for a while. Sat outside for a bit, and then in the class room before class started.
I always get strange looks when I'm knitting at school. The main reason? I'm wearing skinny jeans, Converse, my nose is pierced and I'm knitting a PINK FUZZY BLANKET! I'm a little punk-rock for pink and fuzzy.
In any case, my friends loved touching the blanket, and a couple people have suggested I sell them. An encouraging comment, because that's what I'm looking at doing!


  1. can we has a picture of the punk fuzzy explosion?