Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still no pictures

I just finished the "Breeze" baby blanket. Its 23x23 inches. Rather small, but I think it would be perfect for a toddler to tote around.
I also just cast on an other baby blanket. This one is going to be striped. Pink Lemonade and Cloud, 60 sts wide, on my purple circulars... (side note: I should get a needle measuring device. I know they exist.) It's about 4 inches long already. I might make this one more rectangular.
On the subject of babies, my friend Brittany just had her baby. March 27th. A beautiful baby boy named Damien.
Her brother's girlfriend also had their baby, on April 6th. Also a boy, named Landon.
They're all doing great! And the new grandpa couldn't be happier, 2 little boys that will carry on his last name.
This month, I'm going to try to finish both blankets I have on the needles. That could get difficult, with some of the stuff I have coming up at school. I am also trying to finish at least one of the skeins of cotton I currently have. Sounds easy enough, but most of my skeins are the big 12 oz ones. And most of them are less than half used.
I also don't want to buy any more craft supplies until all my baby blanket yarn is used, and I can fit all my hemp into my storage unit.
My goal for mid-may is 3 more baby blankets, 10 dishcloths and 50 pieces of hemp jewelry. I have no idea if this will happen, but this is attainable. School might get in the way...
In other news, I have been reading many other knitting-related blogs. Usually while I'm knitting at the computer.
This one is my current favourite.
I'm really hoping my lost camera shows itself soon. Or I will have to borrow someone else's to get some pictures on here!

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