Saturday, August 9, 2008


My stash lacks organisation. I have everything everywhere.
I've had quite a lot of scraps donated to my mom and I to do charity knitting. Because of this, we have a lot of small leftover balls of unknown yarns.
We also are easily tempted by sales on pretty yarns. This is why we have piles of somewhat scratchy acrylic. Red Heart, Bernat etc etc etc.
I have my blanket yarn. Two skeins of this, 2 of that. Seven colours of Homespun for MY eventual afghan (as soon as I find a pattern I like). Four skeins of one colour to pair up with some others and make a few blankets.

My goal for Christmas-time is to have ALL of my yarn fit into the storage I have for them. One way to do this is making these. I'm sure I could make them out of other types of yarn. Soft acrylic, maybe? Make a whole pile of them, and then tie all the ends in, sew them up and donate some to the hospital, some to the Downtown Mission, give some away? Oh, the possibilities!

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