Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taking it easy!

Well, I'm back!
I've been keeping my wrist somewhat immobilized as often as I can. Also, I've been observing my typing and knitting posture more. I've noticed how bent I often keep my wrists. I now try to keep them straight to reduce the strain. This slows down my typing and knitting, but I guess I'm better slow now, than handicapped later!
I'm chugging along on the Homespun blanket for Louis. It's 115 stitches wide on US 11 needles. I still LOVE the way the Grandma's dishcloth pattern looks blanket-sized. I don't know how wide this will get to. I should have bought 4 of each colour, instead of 2. That would make it a little easier to figure out where half is... I might be able to get to Michael's and find the same dye lot.

I'm trying to increase traffic here. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the name out, please, do tell!

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