Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hundred and One things

I have quite a large amount of bookmarked websites on my computer. From blogs I regularly read, to things I would like to knit, to sites I fill out surveys on for money, to home made tortillas. I don't know when this happened. (sometime after Christmas, I'm sure. If it happened before, I swear I didn't steal this computer!) But on every other computer I've ever used, I had MAYBE 5 book marks...

I have NO idea how to categorize these things! Right now, my most used ones are:
--Crafty Blogs
--Knitting Blogs
--Other Blogs
-Crafty Stuff
My problem is, within the blogs, some fit into crafty and knitting. And then occasionally, neither. And then, the patterns, let's not get started there! I have so many random patterns in there, I don't know how I find any of them!
I'm looking for suggestions, my dear readers, how should I categorize my links?

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