Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Knitters are a Nice Bunch

I think it's a requirement for knitters to be nice people. Really. You always hear stories about a group of grandmothers knitting their little fingers off so that anyone who is cold can be warm. It may have something to do with knitting "for the boys" back in war time.
I have donated items to different places before, the maternity floor at the local hospital, the local St Vincent de Paul, Keep Canada Warm!, and others.

There are countless other charities out there looking for just about anything that one can knit!
Keep Canada Warm!/Blankets For Canada as well as Warm Up America! are looking for squares to be sewn into blankets.
Mother Bear Project is looking for knit bears to be sent to children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS.
I follow a blog here on blogger called Crafty Angels. The women in Chicago knit and crochet for local groups as well as groups over seas.
I am a member of Homespun Helpers on Livejournal. They have set a goal of 4000 handmade items donated to charity in 2008.
After all of your gift knitting this year, please consider knitting some items for a charity deal to your heart. If you can't, for whatever reason, consider donating any leftover yarn in your stash to a group that can use it.
Happy holidays.

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