Saturday, December 20, 2008

Running into other knitters

I went to the local bookstore with Mom today. She had a couple things to buy, and I showed her a few books I wanted.
When I was in the knitting section, an older lady came up, and looked over my shoulder for a short moment. She then grabbed a book off the shelf with excitement and said "Oh, they finally have it!". I looked over at the book she was so excited for, and we started chatting about knitting for a good 10 minutes. We flipped through a few knitting books together, and I talked about knit blogs, and she talked about knitting with friends.
It's crazy how a Mason-Dixon or a Yarn Harlot book can bring two vastly different knitters together.
I gave her my card, with my blog address and email, and I really hops she sees this post! If you do, I'm really sorry to have forgotten your name!

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