Thursday, December 4, 2008

A blanket for myself, perhaps?

I think the blanket I will be knitting for myself is currently on the needles. It's a corner to corner knit, in Bernat Baby Boucle in the Water Slide colour, and was supposed to be a baby blanket.
I didn't expect this at all... I have 6 skeins of the stuff, and I think that will be just enough to make a lap blanket, maybe larger.

I was planing on doing a Homespun blanket in rainbow stripes for myself, but I love how this yarn feels! It's a fairly thin knit, but surprisingly warm! Blue isn't usually my colour, especially this sort of blue (it has little purple flecks in it).

I bought this yarn from Michael's, on sale again, with my Mom a little while back. Fairly recently, actually. This is going to be a fairly inexpensive knit! If I remember correctly, each skein was $1.50. It was actually her idea to get it. Oh, mother, you are so contradicting in your ways! She wants me to stop buying yarn, but encourages me when it's on sale!

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  1. Knit blankets are fantastic! If only they didn't take so long to knit...