Sunday, May 24, 2009

Craft Night and other things

I've been away from my barely-working computer for a few days, and haven't had time to update anything!
Darren always has amazing pictures of craft night, Broken City Lab and everything else. Here is one of the group.
I got quite a bit of knitting done on my Knifty Knitter, and we goofed around and had a couple drinks as always. I helped Darren with his knitting, and his progress from the start to the end of his future tag is amazing!
We had a few new people join us, as well as some familiar faces. I'm thinking of starting group crafts in the near future.


  1. someone on twitter was asking me if i taught knitting lessons. i told him that you and i have taught a few people how to knit and if he wants to learn, to come to the next oh cnap. i'm thinking that maybe we can have a HOW TO KNIT group lesson at the next meeting. anyone who wants to learn can bring 5mm needles and we have that donated yarn that we can distribute if someone can't buy their own. what do you think? it might be a little challenging, but we'll have a bunch of knitters there anyway to help out if needed.

  2. That looks so much fun! I have not tried knitting but I'm a crafter too. I'm into xstitch and hardanger embroidery. :)