Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's Sunday!

With all the hooplah surrounding the local yarn bombing (the entry right before this one, if you missed it) I have been starting new projects every other day at least.
I've completed a total of 6 tags, 3 of which have been installed. The other 3 may make it up this Tuesday. I have yet to decide where they will be going, but I do have a plan for the locations that will be tagged.

I live in Windsor, Ontario, which some people seem to think is a suburb of Detroit. When Detroit held the Super Bowl, several thousand people crossed the border every day to get into Windsor's full nude strip clubs and exotic massage parlous. We have several of both. I have decided that every one of them in the downtown area will get a frilly pink thing knit for them and placed on the outside. The male strip will get a fuzzy blue one.

Pictures will come soon!

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