Monday, May 25, 2009

A Yarn Bomber's Manifesto

we anonymously promote knitting as adventure;
we aim to soften the edges of an otherwise cruel, harsh environment.
we juxtaspose vandalism
with the non-threatening nature of knitting.

We aim to readdress the nature of graffiti with a non permanent,
non destructive, cosy medium.
If you don't like it, just unpick it.

We are a non discriminating collective.
We aim to recruit members to tag on an international scale.

Knitstable today, the world tomorrow!

Actively contributing to a more positive type of global warming.

do you have too much responsibilty in your life?
do you yearn for something pointless?
If the answer is yes
then join the movement and become an outlaw knitter.

Taken from incogknito graffiti


  1. I follow - I believe! I love the pointless endeavor of covering things with handknit wonders and striking out with random anarchy, yarn in hand

    thanks for dropping by the ole blog!!