Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have business cards now!

Yesterday, I popped into printhouse. It is a local printing, sign & graphic design studio, owned by local artist Dan Bombardier aka 03N!@L (Denial).

This is the picture that is on the front. Taken by Samantha before craft night last week. It's about a block and a half from the printhouse location, and Dan had seen it a few days ago, and thought it was an amazing idea.

When I went to pick up the cards today (yes, it's that quick) I saw them, and LOVED them. On the back, he has all my contact information, as well as a small intarsia chart.
Then he had me help install his new toilet. Yes, I can do it all, knit graffiti, knit scarves, do laundry, perm hair, and now, I am also a plumber. It was hilarious, and I learned a few things about toilets and their installation in the process.

I am going to my first Stitch n Bitch tonight. I'm pretty excited for that. Hoping to network and bring SnB and OH! C.N.A.P together for some larger projects.

Lastly, I started on a large tag last night, it will be nearly 4 feet square when finished. Once it is up, pictures will be posted, and the full explanation will be here!


  1. stitch and bitch projects are really nice.
    i like the meter.

  2. I lookf forward to seeing the finished product. i adore hand made stuff. I found you wuhile adgitizing, so it's nice to see an interesting Blogger do wonderful stuff. I am down with flu so my literary prowess is on the down side.