Thursday, February 25, 2010

Accidental Ribbing, and Face Cloth Progress

There is a good reason why I often do garter stitch. Or stockinette stitch as an alternative. That good reason?
See in the picture?
See how there is the ribbing on the right, near the needle? Well, it's not supposed to look like that, not even close. This is what happens when I try to multi-task. Normally, I can read blogs and knit, no problem, but when I get into reading patterns on other blogs, that's when I run into trouble. Some have suggested I just knit, instead of doing two things at once, but that's impossible for me. I get bored that way. I need to find a happy medium.
To fix this, I had to rip back about 6 rows, and I'm almost caught back up. There was an other small mistake just before this big one, so I fixed that at the same time.
The cloth is almost 6 inches long, and 9 inches wide. I'd like to make it a square. I should have about 14 rows to go, if my math is right. I'm going to have at least a third of a skein left, so I'll need to figure out what to do with that. I want to start making striped cloths, but I'm not sure which colours to pair up. I'll have to work on that soon.


  1. I HAVE to do something else while I knit... I watch movies, or tv shows or even read books online... but only if I'm doing an easy stitch.

  2. Oops! Since I never mastered the art of knitting I'm amazed when I see someone doing it without looking!

    To brighten your day, I have nominated you for a Sunshine Blog Award,