Saturday, February 6, 2010

A New Cowl, and New Yarn

I meant to post this yesterday, I really did. But my body had other suggestions. I was incredibly sick, and had no motivation to do anything but snuggle under blankets and sleep. And also whine to whoever was listening about how terrible I felt. I am feeling marginally better today. Enough to write a blog post and possibly even get changed out of my pyjamas before noon.
I bought a cone of yarn the other day at Value Village. It's a wonderful bright blue, textured, and quite thin. I plan on using it held double or triple. Which is what I am doing in my newest project.
Two strands of white worsted weight, and the fun blue yarn, on 8mm needles for a cowl. Fifty six stitches, k2p2 rib. The little red piece of yarn is my marker for the beginning of the round. I started this two days ago, and it's going quite well.
I have decided to continue knitting winter items throughout the warmer months, or for as long as I can stand them, to have stock ready for next year. I will, of course, knit other things, but I think one scarf every other week will be a good start for the winter craft shows, and Made In Windsor stock, next year. Sure, I'll probably look crazy knitting a scarf in July, but it will reduce my work load next year. And hopefully cause less stress, as well.
I now plan on laying down for a while. No need to over exert myself!


  1. I love the blue and white mix you have there. Good idea to knit year-round. If people ask you why you're knitting in the summer, you'll make new friends!

  2. Hi Nicole- I have just bestowed an award on you at Stop by and pick it up!

  3. I can totally relate. I was out of commission for several days last week and my blogs lay woefully abandoned. Glad you are back and feeling better. I love the two tone yarn you are using for the cowl and it's very smart to get a jump on Winter and start the cold weather items early! :-)