Thursday, February 11, 2010

More ordered dishcloths!

I was at my parents house the other day before work, knitting a dishcloth, as I usually do while waiting for things. My aunt came over and saw what I was knitting, and asked if I had any with me she could buy from me. I had just brought in all the cloths I'd finished into Made In Windsor, so I offered to knit her others. She had no requests for colours, and I should just pick which ones to use. I think I may just make a bunch, all in different colours so she can choose.
I really enjoy knitting dishcloths. I will never get rich knitting them, because of the time involved compared to the price I sell them for. They are very relaxing, and very meditative. I can completely zone out while knitting them, which allows me to do other things.
I have three cloths done now, and I hope to finish an other one today while working at Made In Windsor.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you that you can get paid something for your work, at least. I don't know how one can ever recoup the time for knitting, though. It's not a really speedy activity!