Monday, February 15, 2010

Is anyone interested in Google AdWords?

I recently received a $100 gift from Google to use in AdWords. I have no real need for it, and I would be willing to pass it onto anyone who would like it for the best offer I get. It drops down to a value of $75 on March 5th, so I would like to pass it on before then.
If you would like to buy it, please make an offer here. I will send you the coupon code via email.


  1. I got one too. And then I got another one because I didn't use it. I don't think they are transferable.

  2. Just use the voucher for yourself. Make a ad for your blog and limit the price to a maximum of 5 cents. With this you can expect to get more than 2000 visitors over a certain time period. You can experiment with a few ads, it works out and you have to look at it as free traffic.
    And maybe you can sell additionally some of your products!
    In case you need help in setting up an Adwords Campaign, simply contact me on my blog.