Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A custom dishcloth order!

I love custom orders. I was recently asked to make some rainbow dishcloths for a friend of mine. I bought a large skein of cotton yarn on Sunday, and I am halfway through the second cloth. The deadline for these isn't for a while, but I am working on them pretty much exclusively.
Yesterday, I organized part of my yarn stash, and in the process, counted 45 skeins of cotton of various sizes. Some are the small ones that are just enough for a dishcloth, and others are the giant 12 ounce ones. And others are in between. I definitely want to knit all of this during my 101 project.
I am trying to figure out other things I could make with cotton, but I am currently stuck on cloths.

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  1. I saw a pattern for a summer top in cotton yarn once. I was very interested because I'm allergic to a lot of synthetics next to my skin, but I never got around to making one.

    You could use any short-sleeve sweater pattern, or tank top, although the one I liked was a polo shirt type.

    It was stripes... that would work for using up smaller skeins too.