Friday, April 9, 2010

Starting my new Mission 101

Back in January, I started a Mission 101 list. This mission is where one creates 101 goals to complete in 1001 days. I gave up because most of the goals were very time consuming and I didn't see progress on any of them.
Today is the day I am starting my new list.
Many of them are craft/knitting related. This is something I want to focus on more and more.
14. Make 200 things
15. Do 1 craft show
16. Start an Etsy shop
17. Knit 2 things for myself
18. Knit 1 large blanket (finishing the one I have going now counts)
19. Knit 2 things from patterns in my books
20. Knit 2 things from patterns online
21. Use up all my cotton yarn
22. Make a set of felted nesting bowls
23. Make the denim quilt
24. Knit 1 000 000 stitches
25. Give 10 hand made Christmas/birthday gifts
26. Make 5 moss jars
27. Do a 365 project with iphone camera and knitting and post on the 365 blog
28. Organize my yarn stash
29. Put up 50 yarn bombs
30. Make plantable paper
31. Make soap
32. Learn to crochet
33. Crochet something
34. Spin yarn
35. Make something from my spun yarn
36. Post on the knitting blog 100 times43. Have a craft night at my house
77. Purchase 10 items from Etsy

I am quite excited about this list. I feel like everything is something that can be accomplished. This post is counting for one of the knitting blog updates. I am also just starting on a new dishcloth. Which uses up cotton yarn, and, when completed, will be 2066 stitches towards my million stitch goal.

Are any of you/Have any of you done this mission?


  1. This is a great list! here's mine:

    what's a yarn bomb?

  2. I am so very impressed! I loved your first list, but I understand about goals that just are out of line with realistic accomplishment.