Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Needle Felting!

This past Sunday, I took a class at Made In Windsor and learned how to needle felt!
It was a fun class with a few other attendees, and we all made flower brooches. I had to leave the class a little bit early so I didn't get to completely finish it, but I will do that soon. We learned how to blend the colours, start the felting and attach the pieces together. All I have left to do is trim the bottom, attach the leaf and then attach the pin back.
It was really fun to learn how to do this awesome craft. I want to learn how to wet felt, as well, and there is a class coming up on that. I am planning on making a set of felted nesting bowls as part of my 101 list, and both of these techniques will come in handy.
I can't stop looking at this wonderful blue/purple colour! I am so excited to finish it.


  1. Very pretty flower!! I've seen many really neat things on Etsy made with this technique, esp little animals.