Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some late night yarn bombs

Late last week, my friend Sean and I went out yarn bombing. We go on walks together once in a while, and I asked if he wanted to combine a walk with some creativity, and he agreed. Six of the yarn bombs I have recently made went up in the downtown area. Some of my favourites, for sure.
This one is a light pink one that went up right in front of the art gallery on a pretty busy road. It was hard for Sean to get a decent photo of any of them because of poor lighting and not being familiar with an iPhone camera.
An other went up on the other side of the gallery, one near the bus station, one on a parking meter near a parking garage and two right near the downtown strip. I will try to get some other photos of these ones in the day light.
I am going to work on some more in brighter colours very soon.

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