Monday, February 7, 2011

Self portrait Monday: February 7, 2011

Happy Monday everyone! I'm in a fantastic mood, and I hope I can spread it to anyone who isn't.
Last night, I finished knitting a hat for Rick's mom, Cindy. She bought a couple neck warmers from me the other day, and wanted a hat to wear when she goes out for her daily walks. Her hat is made from two strands of Homespun and one Red Heart Shimmer, which ads a little bit of sparkle. I did it on my green Knifty Knitter loom, and it only took a couple days of off and on knitting. The brim doesn't flare out when you wear it like it does in the photo. It's such an awesome snowy-white look!

Speaking of snow, this is part of the reason I am in such an awesome mood. I just got back in from taking Winston out, and it was ridiculous. We have to cross a boulevard that is covered in fairly deep snow to get to the park that we take Winston to so he can do his business. Lately, I've been able to walk across it and the snow was almost u to the top of my boot. No problem! Today, for whatever reason, the snow was deeper. It was fine a couple hours ago when I took him out! Both of my boots filled with awful, half-melted snow. I shook them out when I was standing on the sidewalk next to the park. Winston was an angel and waited for me to tell him it was ok to play. I decided to chase after him. We have a long retractable leash that we keep him on usually, and that's what he was on today. He darted back and forth and took off to the end of the leash. And then KAPOW I was down in the snow, shoulder first! It was hilarious! My boots refilled with snow, and I got quite a bit in my pockets, my hood and somehow, my bum. Winston came back to check on me, and sniffed a couple times before I grabbed at him and knocked him into the snow. It was great. Normally, I'd be a little upset over this, but just him coming to "rescue" me made it that much better.

In other news, Rick and I are working on a new site for me! We tried launching last night, and everything went KABLOOIE. I suddenly don't have email, and everything was down until almost 6 this morning. We're hoping the email issue fixes itself (as it should) today, or at the latest, tomorrow night. In the mean time, my email address is completely down, and I'm not sure if I will receive anything that is being sent to me during this time.

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