Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Messed up Already

I was doing so well! Knitting away at my cotton stash, making dishcloths, taking small bites at a time. I was even starting to organize a couple of the drawers.
Then yesterday, I went into Knit One Purl One with the intention of visiting with the owner, and knitting a few rows. But I started looking at the yarn. And that's when I started finding trouble.
Ultra Alpaca Fine caught my eye. There were a bunch of really nice colours. I was trying to find two of one colour so I'd have enough to make a shawl for myself. No big surprise there, to be honest. I have been on a crazy shawl kick lately. I have a whole bunch of patterns saved and bookmarked and planned. She looked in the back room, and could find two colours of every colour but the one I wanted. I was ready to give up, when I happened to look in a corner at another yarn, and I saw a little bit of dark blue shine at me. There was another skein of Blueberry Mix! I knew I had to take it home. And now, it sits next to me, awaiting the perfect pattern.
My Mom, who I went with, wasn't much help with keeping me on track. She bought 4 balls of CoolSpun Cotton for me to make her some dishcloths for their new camper. Two of the skeins match the interior, and the other two are super bright. I am hoping to get through these fairly quickly.

I also got the huge yarn donation bag from one of my mom's friends for LeeLee Hats. I am keeping just one of the skeins for myself to make hats. The rest, I am not going to bother counting, because they are not even allowed to enter the stash area. They are hiding in a closet at the opposite end of the apartment, so they can't try to sneak into my stash without me noticing.
I have, however, knit three more dishcloths. I am going to take photos of them after I knit a few more. I will probably start progressing to a few larger things after these. My mom needs a baby blanket for a shower gift, so I will do that. And I will do a bunch of hats to donate.

I think I will have enough of the stash cut down by Christmas to be able to fit it into storage. I am hoping that I can sell enough items so that my item stash doesn't get out of control.

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