Monday, July 11, 2011

Self Portrait Monday: July 11, 2011

Hello Monday!! It's been a loooong weekend. I worked a food festival with Rino's Kitchen, and that just about knocked me out. I ate till I almost burst... On Friday, Saturday AND Sunday.
Saturday was my anniversary with Rick. He was at his parents because I was working all weekend, so we didn't do anything until today.
I've also finished knitting a couple dishcloths. Two more cloths added, and one skein finished. I m now up to 15 items made, and +2 as far as skein count goes. Soon, I will catch up!
I haven't been knitting all that much the last few days. Between work, the gym and the weather, I haven't really felt like doing much.
I did, however, go to the LeeLee hats knit club on Saturday. I finished half a hat, and left it there so I could continue it next time, or someone else can work on it.
I should get back to knitting. I have an order for some blue dishcloths from a friend, and I want to get them made!

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