Monday, July 18, 2011

Self Portrait Monday: July 18, 2011

Today's portrait is a little bit different.
I FINALLY went to get my passport photo taken.
It kind of looks like a mug shot. But, I can kind of see a resemblance to both of my parents in it. Not the mug shot part, just the shape and features of my face.
This photo will serve me well for the next 5 years. With Iceland in September, and I am sure a few visits to Michigan in the following months, it will be used often. I still need to get my guarantor to sign the back of one of these, and then head down to the application office.

In other more knitting-centric news, I helped my friend Tracy at a craft show. She is the lady behind LeeLee hats. The show was a let down, but we had fun regardless. I finished knitting one hat, and I gave her 6 skeins of yarn. This puts me at 16 items made, and a total change of four less skeins. Not bad, so far, I'd say. I've started working on another hat already, and I still have a dishcloth on the go. I will post all my recently made dishcloths later this week.

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  1. lol... I laughed out loud about the picture reminding you of your parents, but not specifically the 'mug shot'-ness of it.