Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Update: March 25, 2013

Well the weekend is over, and it's almost Easter. That means lots of candy, good food and a few extra days off work for me.
This weekend, I had a craft show at Essex High School that went alright. I didn't sell a whole heck of a lot, but I had fun. I was set up near some of my best craft show friends, which made the day that much more fun. I met some awesome new people at this show as well, ones I will be happy to see at future shows. I also got some ideas from other vendors and customers for some new thing to add to my line. I have one idea that I think is going to be a great one, I just need to get the supplies necessary for it. And the tools. It's a little outside what I normally make, but I think it's pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.
Now, onto what I've been knitting this week!
You saw this first picture of the giant knitting on Friday, so not much needs to be said. The last picture is the pile of yarn I had after I ripped it. I have about a foot done in garter now, but I haven't really touched it in a little while. It's a bit of a work out to use these gigantic needles.
The other two photos show some of the soon to be bows I've made the last little while. I used up five teensy balls of yarn on the bows in the first picture. I'm counting that towards my stash down. So that brings me to +9 this year. I'm slowly but surely making progress. I'm going to box up a bunch of yarn to hopefully sell, or at the very least donate. That will definitely make a visible dent. Crossing my fingers that I will actually be able to part with some stuff. The second bow photo is actually a pile of dark purple bows. I'm trying to get a good variety in the colours, so I don't want to do too many of any one particular yarn.
Now I end with a question: For your metal jewelry, do you prefer silver, gold or another colour (gunmetal black/grey) Please let me know!

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