Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some Stash Down Progress!

Normally, I don't post on the weekend, but I just had to tell you guys about my stash down progress. As you may know, I'm working on eliminating at least 50 skeins of yarn from my stash this year. It's not a super hard goal to reach, but I acquired over 40 skeins of yarn from various sources, so that put me way behind. I finally made some headway this week.
I went through just one small area of my stash where I normally keep the yarn for charity projects. I just haven't had the time to do as much charity knitting as I used to, and I felt bad. My mom started knitting hats for LeeLee Hats recently, and has a very, very small stash (seriously, it's like half a drawer in her dresser) I wanted to help her out. I gave her TWENTY skeins of yarn! They filled a reusable grocery bag to the brim, and were super packed in there. She seemed to be very happy with her spoils. There's a little bit of everything in there. Some sparkly eyelash stuff, bulky, worsted, baby yarns and much more. Twenty skeins left the stash which made me very happy. Plus, the yarn is going to help out some deserving babies, which is an extra dose of happy. I'm going to be giving her some more looming lessons in the near future. I want her to be able to do stripes.
I also knit up some stash. I used two teensy balls of yarn for more bows. The blue is dish cloth cotton, and the grey is some random worsted acrylic. This makes a total of 22 skeins eliminated from the stash. And I'm still knitting lots, so I'm sure I'll get more out of here soon. Overall, this brings my count to minus 13. Only 37 more skeins to go! 

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