Friday, March 22, 2013

My Week In Instagrams: March 22, 2013

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here, and that means it's craft show time for me! Tomorrow, I will be at Essex High School from 10:00 until 4:00 selling my knitwear, and earrings. I'm super excited. I'm going to have a whole rack of stuff that's on sale for super low prices and hopefully, I'll clear some of it out. I need more space! Now, onto what I've been up to this week
Crud, I just realized I already talked about these pretty tomatoes in last week's post. Oh well, I think it's a pretty picture, you get to see them again! A lot of people I know are already planting the seeds for their gardens indoors to get a nice start on the growing season. We have seeds and what not, but I'm not sure if we're going to be attempting a garden this year.
I made a pretty mustard yellow treasury the other day. I want to get back into the swing of many them regularly. They really helped bring traffic to my shop, which is really what I need to do. I don't know how some people make such popular treasuries, but I need to figure it out! I want to be on the front page one day! If you have any suggestions for treasuries, please let me know!
We had Chinese food the other day. Egg rolls, mushroom fried rice, wonton soup, chicken balls and much more. I really like Chinese food, even though it's terribly unhealthy being that it's all fried and what not. I don't think I'm doing myself any harm by having it as infrequently as I do. Like Cookie Monster says, It's a sometimes food. I opened my fortune cookie at the end of the meal, and was told that "my enthusiasm inspires people". I couldn't help but laugh. I was in such a crappy mood, and the farthest thing from enthusiastic. If nothing else, it boosted my mood a bit.
Onto the second part of the crappy food this week. Rick and I were both kind of grumpy the one night, so we treated ourselves to McDonald's. Yeah, emotional eating, whatever. I know I'm guilty of it. I got a fish sandwich, and shared my fries with Winston. And before someone decides to post a snarky comment about how I shouldn't be eating out, and I should be saving money instead, both of our meals cost us less than $12, and we used coupons. I've gotten some rude comments on here, and my Tumblrs from people who think they know what's best for me. Argh, I shouldn't even be posting about this, lest the get the satisfaction of knowing I am annoyed. Oh well.
Now, onto the healthy eating! I cooked up some mushrooms with plans of making an omelette. When I noticed they were starting to turn brown, I decided to use all of them. Which would have been way too many for the omelette. I ended up making wraps with them. Added some thyme, a little mozzarella and a teeny bit of ranch, and I was set! I love mushrooms and thyme together. The only thing I would change about these would be to cook the mushrooms for longer. They still had quite a bit of water in them, so the rolled wraps leaked mushroom juice out the back end. Minor problem, but easily fixed.
I also made a fried egg on toast with cheese. Not the healthiest meal, but definitely better than some. It was absolutely delicious, so that counts for something, right?
Last night, I made another batch of Indian lentil soup. Lots of carrots, onions and lentils, with some vegetable broth, and spices. It took me a couple hours to make it from chopping to blending, but it is so worth it. I still have to work on getting the spices just right, but it's not bad for being only the second time I've made it. And considering I have no idea how to season things, I'd say it's pretty good. It's currently sitting in a big bowl in our fridge, waiting to be eaten. I'll probably be bringing some to work with me today.
Last but not least, some knitting content. After making the soup last night, I decided to bust out my 24mm needles. Yes, 24 millimetres, or pretty much 1 inch. I was holing three strands of worsted weight yarn together, and doing stockinette stitch but I didn't like the way it was looking. The fabric was great, but it was rolling so badly that I just hated it. Even if I'd put a garter border on it, it would still roll pretty significantly. If I was using wool, or a blend, I would just block it, but since it was 100% acrylic, I wasn't going to even try that. So, I ripped it out, and now I'm doing it in garter. I'm not holding my breath that this will become something awesome. This is basically my doodling or sketching. Trying new things, to see what I actually like, and what to pursue. Hopefully I can get something I like.
I'm off to work now. I got called in a couple hours early. Not sure why exactly. This doesn't happen often, unless someone called in or had to leave early. Hopefully it's not too crazy tonight!
How has your week been?

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