Monday, June 1, 2009

Knitted bicycle!

Well, sort of.
Darren, of Photo404 and Bike Windsor, has covered the frame of his bicycle in knitting.
I taught him how to knit at Broken City Lab and Craft Night At Phog over the past few weeks, and he ran with it. It looks even better up close.


  1. : )

    started knitting today again since i was able to buy some yarn. using smaller kids needles now and thicker yarm. dark red. wish i used this for the bike since it's a bit heavier in weight but oh well. thanks for the post !

  2. teach a guy how to fish.....
    excellent work - both of you!!

  3. Soft cuddly bike, love it!

  4. I keep getting people of all kinds saying it looks cool. Men and Women, so that's a nice surprise to me. It catches on things easily though so I need to be careful.