Sunday, July 12, 2009

Knitta, Please!

This video more or less describes the reasons I yarn bomb.
Magda is, in my mind, THE originator of knit graffiti. (despite the fact that the bus is crocheted)


  1. this video makes me insane because she's sewing crocheted fabric while calling it knit. i don't like her at all.

  2. Yeah I love the idea but it's driving me nuts too because it's crocheted and she's not using the proper terms :(

  3. Knit, crochet. It's alllll stitching. I've had a few beers with Magda and she's just as fabulous in person.

    I guess maybe guerrilla knitting is less confusing for the average Joe...

  4. yeah... pity she does not actually knit herself and uses a machine.... ah well...