Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A new yarn bomb!

This is yet an other tag I put up downtown. It was sent to me on Twitter by a very nice guy by the name of Konstantine. He saw it and snapped a picture and asked if it was mine.
What a wonderful thing the internet is at times.
I can't quite remember putting this one up, because it was likely during my tagging spree the day of Phog Phest. I do remember that yarn, though. I made a few more with the same stuff, and I still have a couple left to go up.

I also decided to use some of my old knitted scarves that haven't sold at craft shows as tags. some of them are the perfect width to use on things like railings and fences. I'l have to go out and take some measurements before I bring them out, but many of them would look awesome!

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