Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Interviews, Oh My!

I have been contacted twice over the past 24 hours asking if I would like to be interviewed about my knitting.
This is something I really don't understand. I don't believe I do anything of great interest, but I am totally flattered someone else thinks so.
As soon as the interviews are posted, I will certainly post links here!

Also, I will be going sometime next week to the Made In Windsor store to drop off my items to be sold. I am so excited! I still need to get everything together, decide on prices and fill out some forms. I am nervous, but I trust Christine to make this as awesome as possible!


  1. Oh wow thats wonderful Congrats!

  2. in the 70'sand 80's there were groups of radical knitters that changed the world through their radicalization of domestic work. go with this and take it as far as you can!