Monday, July 20, 2009

Selling in a real brick and mortar store!

I am so incredibly excited!!!
Like the title says, I'll soon be selling my things in a real store! Windsor will soon be the home of Made In Windsor, a "one stop shop for everything funky and handcrafted".
This will be my first time selling on consignment, and I am kind of nervous, but I am going through with this no matter what.
I am planning on bringing in my cowls and slouchy hats for now, possibly some baby blankets, depending on how many items I decide to bring.
As soon as the store opens, I will come with pictures!

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  1. is that what the store is? anyone can sell their things made in windsor? i thought that it was just that person selling her stuff. i went to the blog on the flyer that eddie gave dan and it's just a picture of a cat (, so i haven't actually read anything real about this shop.