Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Made In Windsor store!!

Like I mentioned the other day, I'll be selling my things in the Made In Windsor store.
I stopped by and yarn bombed them. It wasn't hidden (I did it during the middle of the day!) and I was caught!
You can see the awesome banner and the mascots, Dot and Dash, in the background.
Unfortunately, this tag was taken down or stolen or something. Which is super super depressing, because I put up a few more in the area, hoping that they would all stay up for a while. I'll have to bike down there to see if any are left.


  1. Nice work, fellow yarnstormer.

    Those cardboard people in the background look most impressed :)

    Deadly Knitshade x

  2. Store rocks! :) You're not the one guilty of putting knitted socks and things on a couple of downtown parking meters are you?

  3. Mr. Me
    Most of those are from me. A few of them were put up by others.

  4. I found your blog by searching aimlessly for a possible culprit, and finally hit on it. I've lived out of town for a bit and a few months back found your handywork on things downtown. I'm one of those people who want to see downtown come back to life. Spend a fair bit of time down there and taken a lot of photos, your work seems to end up in a number of my shots. I was very curious where it was coming from. Now I know, and reading through your stuff, now I understand as well. Great concept! How about a complete cozy for those double-headed meters? Spunk downtown up a bit more! :)

  5. I am working on a few personal projects right now, both knitting and non knitting related.
    Come January, everything will get rolling.