Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Busy for the holidays!

This year, the holiday season is working out great! I hadn't planned on any knit gifts to give to my friends or family, just a few commissioned things to work on, a few items that I am testing out to have ready for next fall/winter (thinking ahead!) and then some knitting for myself.
The lovely thing about all of this is that my stress level is greatly reduced compared to some other knitters. Another lovely thing is that I have time to give an interview to a local French radio station about knitting and Made In Windsor. I will be doing that later today at The House.
I will ask the interviewer if there is anywhere online I can get a recording so I can post it here.
I am incredibly nervous about all of this. I was educated in French from the age of 4 through 18, but I haven't used it much since then. I didn't believe my teachers when they said I'd lose the ability to speak the language if I didn't use if often.
I am determined to use my French abilities more often.
Do any of you know of any French art/craft blogs? Yarn specific would be great!

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