Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some of my finished items

Last week, I brought my items into the Made In Windsor holiday store. I went in today to help Christine out with some of the inventory stuff, and I also did some photographing of a few of the items.
I started with the pottery, then jewelry and some clothing. Then I moved on to some of my stuff.
This first photo is three of the neck warmers I've made in the past few months. All super simple, holding two strands together.  These ones are super simple, and super quick to whip up. They're great for people who are out and active in the cold weather, and who don't want to mess around with long scarves getting in the way.
The second is just a scarf and a hat. I wish I could find more yarn like the one I used for the scarf for as good of a price as I found that stuff. It's Bernat Roving, but I got it in a bag of mill ends for ridiculously cheap. It's a really simple horizontal rib pattern. I've done a few variations on it, as well.
The hat is just Lion Homespun held with a similar shade of some worsted weight yarn. I have about 10 hats or so at the store, and I just finished another one for a friend of a friend. She placed the order through him when I had my art show at Phog.

i will post a few more photos of my items over the course of the next few days.

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