Monday, December 27, 2010

Self Portrait Monday: December 27, 2010

Knitting in the office edition. My back has been killing me, so I've been sitting in Rick's office chair and using his heating pad. I'm rocking the new Christmas pyjama pants, and knitting cloth 3 of 5 for that custom order. I've cranked out a few rows of my shawl in the past little bit, otherwise I'd probably have these done.
The past week was eventful to say the least. I worked a whole bunch in the days leading up to Christmas, and then got Christmas eve and Boxing day off. I have one more day of Christmas festivities tomorrow, and then it's the new year, and then my birthday shortly after. This time of year ends up in a whirlwind and I try to do my best to arrive at the end of it all in one piece.
I bought nearly $300 worth of yarn yesterday from Michael's. I would never spend that much though. They had a sweet sale (25% off entire purchase, including sale items) and then all the yarn I love using was on sale at huge discounts as well. Most of it was already discounted about 50%, but then Homespun was 70% off. CRAZY! I got enough to fill four regular shopping bags almost to bursting. Homespun, Thick & Quick, Roving and one skein of something sparkly (can't remember the name of that one)

Winston is feeling much better lately. He has an appointment with the vet tomorrow, hopefully the last one. He hasn't been eating much lately though. Not sure if it's from him being sick, or just because he has been eating more snacks (he loves potatoes and eggs!!!) between meals.

How have the holidays treated all of you?

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