Thursday, December 8, 2011

Awesome Thursday: December 8, 2011

I missed last week's post, but only because I forgot to set an alarm for it! I'm quite forgetful...
Anyway, every Thursday, I will post about awesome things going on in my life over the past week. Here goes...

  • I did extraordinarily well at the craft shows
  • I sold a few items to Rick's mom, which is always greatly appreciated
  • I made $10 for amazon on SwagBucks (That is a referral link, if you are interested in signing up)
  • I started knitting my gorgeous shawl
  • I bought my parents Christmas gift, just have my brother and Rick to buy for now
  • I'm about to leave for lunch at a sweet bar/bistro with a friend
What are your awesome things this week?


  1. I finished my internship with Urban Craft and we had an awesome show!! yeah!

  2. Awesome list indeed!

    Now that my final 2011 show is over, I've been working on a lot of other Christmas projects like cards and presents.

  3. Congratulations on a great week. I am behind with Christmas shopping. I have never been this behind before and I am trying to not let it stress me out.

    Artful Rising