Monday, December 5, 2011

Say Hello to Eslin!

Please welcome my newest sponsor, Eslin, of dualchocolate.

Tell me about yourself!
I am an ecclectic bilingual artist with a Fine Art background, a family of artists and highly skilled individuals. I am driven by curiosity, and have chosen to use: needles, yarn, hooks, books, pens and pans to give form to memories inspired by natural, life by the sea, colors and chocolate. Everything comes together in each and every dualchocolate's creation.

How did you start hand making?
My serious handmaking journey, I will say that started by curiousity and curiosity has remain a constant variable in everything I make.
The flexibility of stitches to experiment with colors and textures, gives me endless possibilities for interpreting and giving a useful strucuture to the memories I keep.

Where do you sell, both online and elsewhere?
I mainly offer my projects on online marketplace platforms such as Etsy and Artesanio. Although I do strongly believe in the one on one, close and personal experience which as no substitute, that is why I've started to so show my projects to indie and eco friendly local shops.

What do you do other than create?
I am a fulltime woman that said, I also do everything Etsy: team, treasuries and keeping up with those everyday changes. This last one is a constant challenge that keeps your mind at the edge of madness and creativity.

What does your workspace look like?
My home studio looks like a remodelation In progress, and here you won't find a sign appologizing for the inconvenience or the random location of my tools, yarns, projects and books.
My space is my territory. I do have a well sketch and thoroughly plan of what my near-future workspace/ home studio has to look like!!!! In the meantime this odd conner has and will continue to witness wonders!
That sounds a lot like my work space!

What is your most indispensable tool, that you would be completely lost without?
Creativity and my memories, and coming in second place will be my full knitting kit

Anything else?
There's always so many things you want to cramm when talking about your passion but I will be brief and invite everyone to sample dualchocolate with an additional sweet and exclusive 10% discount
To get the 10% discount, use the code XOCO101!


  1. beautiful interview! words and knits alike precious at dualchocolate! ;)

  2. great interview! I love the work of Eslin :)

  3. Great handmade work! i love it :)