Friday, December 16, 2011

How Much Would You Pay?

I just finished knitting a matching scarf and fingerless glove set. Currently, I'm debating knitting a matching hat. I'm not sure how much I would charge for a set like this.
-The scarf is about 6 feel long, including fringe.
-The gloves cover just past the wrist.
-The hat would be slightly slouchy.

How much would you pay for such a set? I charge about $20 -25 for a similar scarf, and my hats are $25-30. How much should the set for all three accessories be?


  1. Hmmm...pricing is always SO hard! Maybe $60-$75 for the set of three?

  2. $60-$70 per set? I think giving a little discounted price per item may make the set ideas more tempting.

  3. Hmn...that's tough. I've made a couple sets in the past and ended up selling them all separately. Some people seek out matching sets and others don't care for them or can't afford them. It also depends on if you are OK with breaking the set up or not.

    In this situation I usually list them separately at full price, including one photo of the complete set and a note in the description that if people want the set convo me for a 10% off deal. Otherwise, I'd say don't be afraid to charge $75-100 of course depending on the materials. On etsy similar sets go for 8.99 (for ugly cheapo ones) all the way up to 168 for nice cashmere cabled sets.

    OK, that was a novel, sorry!

  4. Oh dear, I'm terrible at things like this, so I won't be much help, I'm afraid. All I can suggest is that you decide how much you'd charge for each item separately and then knock some off so that it's worth it for the buyer to purchase the set. Sorry. :-/

  5. I would say it depends on how long it takes you to make the gloves. Since you are selling it as a set, maybe use the low end of your price ranges. So $20 for the scarf, $25 for the hat, and ? for the gloves. Maybe $65 or &$70?

  6. I am totally clueless... I agree that giving a little break in the price for a set does help to sell the set, but beyond that - I have no idea for the price. Lovely idea!

  7. I don't really know either. Add up the separate price of each item, then take a little off.