Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Finished Blueberry Jam Shawl

Pardon the dirty mirror picture. What is this, MySpace?
A couple days ago, I cast off my Blueberry Jam shawl. I did a picot bind off, which took approximately two and a half forevers, but looks spectacular. I think I should block it, but I haven't got a clue how I will do that, as I don't have pins or wires or a place to do it. I might just try to dampen it and spread it out on the bed, but we'll see.
I'm not quite sure what to do with this shawl. Part of me wants to keep it, because it feels great, but I'm not in love with it. The other part says list it on Etsy, and see if it sells. I'm planning on moving to more higher end yarns, and I think this would be a good start to my luxe line. I can offer it in different colours and materials as custom orders.
I have another skein of Ultra Alpaca Fine in the Blueberry colour, and I think I might knit a rectangular stole with it.
I'm also browsing Ravelry for some things to make with all the yarn I got yesterday. One of them will probably turn into a birthday gift for my mother in law. Her birthday isn't until October, so I have lots of time to figure that one out. Her winter coat is a bright cherry red, so any of the neutrals would go very well with it.

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