Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Forget Me Not: An Item Review

You may recognize these earrings from a Monday Magic post I did a little while back. I often contact the sellers of the items I feature, because I know I would like to be notified if one of my items was featured on a blog. The seller and I had a little back and forth, and decided that I would write an item review. This got me super excited. Take a look around the ModernFlower Child shop, everything is absolutely beautiful.
When I got home from work today, there were a few pieces of mail waiting for me. The usual bills/credit card statement, and a little padded envelope. I tore into the envelope immediately, excited to see what was inside. For once, I actually remembered to take some photos, albeit crappy ones, of the opening process. Within the envelope was a little kraft paper box, tied with a piece of hemp. I really like simple, pretty packaging like that. The natural materials really fit well with the contents of the box, as well.
It's really difficult to see what the earrings look like in this photo, but I promise they are BEAUTIFUL. Hardly a bubble in site, as is the problem with some resin items that I've seen before. They're smooth, shiny and the flowers themselves are nearly flawless. They really look like the tiny flower was captured in a rain drop and froze that way. They're so neat looking!
Here is a much nicer photo of the earrings from the shop so you can see how nice they look.
You should definitely head to the ModernFlowerChild shop and have a look around. The shop is currently on holiday, but check back soon!

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