Friday, January 18, 2013

My Week In Instagrams: January 18, 2013

This past week has been up and down for me. Some of the low points include: I'm no longer going to Guatemala, which is a bummer, but the timing for it just isn't going to work for me. My hours at work have all but disappeared. They messed us around and I am now going to be getting one shift a week. I'm going to have to find some other income stream to pay for my necessities, and delay paying off my credit card even more. I knocked my forehead off some metal shelving at work today, and now I have a goose egg, and a headache. I also had a bit of a breakdown today. I don't really know what happened, but I just snapped and cried for a good long while.
Some of the better things are included in this collage.

  1. Rick and I went to Tacos Tony for dinner a few days ago. I got a shrimp tostada, Rick got shrimp soup, and we split a large order of nachos supreme. Seriously delicious food. I could eat a tostada everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. I might try the chicken or beef one next time we go.
  2. Rick and I rented some movies the same night we went for Mexican food. He got a bag of Sour Patch Kids, and I got some pop rocks. They were pretty darn good. Not as poppy as I remember them being, but I won't complain at all. Some of the movies we got were Frankenweenie, 13, Yellow, Bigger Stronger Faster, and Paranorman. (I think we got one more, but I honestly can't remember) I have the last one left to watch, and I can't wait. I'll probably watch it tonight.
  3. I worked a fair bit this past week. Not nearly as much as I used to, but enough to get by. I took a photo of a bag of the empty cans a customer brought back, praising the way he did it, because I usually post pictured of what not to do. I got a pretty good response to this on Facebook.
  4. Winston has been pretty good this week. We had him upstairs playing with the other dogs, and racing around, being his normal self. He disappeared for a little bit, and when he came back, he had Whitney's stuffed duck. He liked playing with it for a while. Rick also washed all of Winston's toys, and our crazy pup went bonkers and played with every single toy for a little while. He's funny like that. He'll play with one toy for a while, then go get another one and switch back and forth so they each have their turn.
  5. Yesterday, we went to Colasanti's to drop off my registration stuff for a craft show they're having in February. We decided to make an afternoon of it, and grabbed lunch. This photo is of some of the pretty citrus trees that grow in and around the seating in the restaurant. I've loved this ever since I was a little kid. I had a fish burger and a poutine, and Rick had a cheeseburger and poutine. It was pretty tasty.
  6. Colasanti's also has a petting zoo. (Seriously, if you are ever in Essex County, you need to make a trip here!) The goats have been a long time favourite of mine. This little lady was loving the head scratches, and didn't try to run me over in hopes of getting some food. I have a couple photos on my Instagram page of other animals I petted.
  7. In addition to the petting zoo, they have some other animals on display. There was a little pot bellied pig named Stinker whom I fell in love with, and had the cutest little snorts and tail wags for me. He was adorable. Rick really enjoys the birds. He was talking with them for ages. He'd say something to them, and they'd either bob their heads in agreement, say "Hello" or raise their head feathers. The macaws weren't as responsive, staying a little farther back from the cage walls. We also saw some fruit bats, tortoises and ducks.
  8. When we got home from our "date" I made some earrings with some of the newer supplies I got over the past month. I made 72 pairs, from beginning to end, including packaging and pricing. I was super happy about that! I'm going to try to take some photos of them tomorrow with my iPad, and try out the Etsy app for creating listings. I've browsed with it, and checked stuff in my shop, but have yet to actually create any listings. I'm hoping it's easy enough to use, because I would love to have another task to do on the iPad instead of the computer. (I'm thinking about going 100% iPad, and selling my computer)
  9. The other awesome fun thing I made were some knitted bow rings! I've been posting about these lately, without giving away too much. But here they are! You can get an idea of size from this photo, and these are all the colours I currently have made. I'm selling them for $6, just like the brooches and hair pins, but this might go up a wee bit. So, if you like them, and want to get one before I increase the price, let me know!
I have a flash sale going on in my shop right now. If you use the code "Flash20" you can save 20% off your entire purchase. I'm not sure how long I'll offer this, so you should really jump on it!
What sorts of fun things have you fine folks been up to?

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