Monday, June 15, 2009

Pictures from Gendered Experience

The show on Friday night went well. I didn't sell a ton, but I made slightly more than what I had set my goal at. I did, however, meet a ton of awesome people.
Partway through the night, Steve came over and took a look at what I had. He modeled some of the winter-wear, and looked really good while doing it.
These pictures were taken by Sam, who also had a table at the show. She sold a few things, but I think this show was more about fun than money making.
If and when I ever start selling online, I plan on using local musicians, models and artists to model my things. Based solely on the antics that ensued while Steve was trying stuff on, he will be one of the first people I ask.
He is also known as Furs, and can be found on Myspace HERE.
This is just a goofy picture, and he's wearing one of the slouchy hats I made on the Knifty Knitter (that you can barely see, because of the lighting).
The more excited I am about something, the square-er my smile is. It's ridiculous. I was obviously having a blast here.
I had a ton of fun talking to all the artists and musicians and just generally hanging out.
I really really hope that Gendered Experience happens again.

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  1. as soon as i saw these pictures in camera, i knew he'd be a great model for any online shop you open. the hats especially definitely suited him.