Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The secret knitting is revealed!

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I was starting a new tag, but that I couldn't say what it was.
First, watch this video (WARNING: some foul language is used)

Notice the Make Something Beautiful piece.

Now look at this.

That's the same piece.
Sitting in my kitchen.

Late last night, I went out with a couple friends, asked Dan to borrow his drill to fix my door (THIS IS THE TRUTH! a screw on my door pulled out of the frame and my screwdriver just wasn't cutting it.) and left out that we were stealing his graffiti.
We were in and out in under 10 minutes. and this time includes putting up the replacement piece.
This is where the knitting comes in.
I knit a red, black and white square, about 4 feet in size, to staple up in the place where this piece was.
Dan (the same Dan that made my business cards) contacted me this morning asking me to return the piece.
I happily obliged, and bought him a cake to apologize for any hard feelings. I also showed him pictures of the tag, it the original spot, and the new spot.
This is the start of the removal. I had it stapled up pretty securely, and it took a few minutes with flat-head screwdrivers to get them all out.
Once it was down, we screwed the original piece back into its permanent home and ran around the corner to hang the knitted version in a similar spot.
This is the new home, where I hope it stays for a few months. It's quite secure, and will take some effort to remove it.

I do hope that there are no hurt feelings for anyone involved in the original installation. This was meant to grab attention, and I hoped for no negative in that area.
I just like to start shit, and this seemed like the perfect way to do so.


  1. wow, now i know why you were so secretive about this knitting project. it's great though! i'm glad all is well with you and dan too.

  2. this is fucking stupid

  3. thank you, anon.
    but what are you doing? sitting on your ass, playing video games all day? working at a shitty dead end job? or worse, sucking off welfare for months on end?
    Go out and DO something amazing. Do more than just exist.
    Make something beautiful, an then we'll talk

  4. :D This is the most awesome and epic knitting project I have ever seen. Fucking awesome.

  5. You stole someone's art, replaced it with your own, and then went public about it. To top it off, the art you took was also promoting a message. It seems pretty stupid to me, too.

  6. I love it when people make statements that make them look/sound dumb :)

  7. hmmm...why would someone criticize and not leave their name???
    ah well...all sorts! good job nicole!!

  8. i still can't look at this without feeling angry. i wish you would have installed it there in first place. i wanted to like the project while you were still knitting it, but after learning how you installed it, i just can't.