Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is a knitting blog

I realize this is a knitting blog, but something has to be addressed. I may use a few inappropriate words in here, and I just wanted to warn you.
In my last post about stolen artwork, I received several anonymous comments peppered with foul language stating how "fucking stupid" I am for doing what I did. I'm sorry, but stealing artwork to cause a little controversy took way more brain cells than typing the words "fucking stupid" did.
The art is back in its place, and that was the plan from the get-go. I moved my piece around the corner into a much less visible place, because Denial asked me to.
Someone asked why I even bothered with approving the anon comments. I could have avoided all the potential drama caused by the wank from the people that don't have the balls to post even a first name.
I don't believe in censorship. Plain and simple. Especially censorship of the creative community.
I say the words "fuck" and "shit" a lot. I am aware of this. I don't say it around the elderly or the young. If I happen to hear others saying such things around those that I don't think should hear such things, I call them out. I have lost count of the number of times that I have politely asked people to watch their language on city buses and in other public places.
This is not censorship, this is asking for respect.
But to say that one cannot fully express their creativity IS censorship. I understand this can be spun around and one can say that in removing Denial's art, I am doing exactly what I am against.
No, that is not what I was doing.
What I was doing was starting shit.
And if you have a problem with a creative-type expressing herself, move to North Korea and eliminate all forms of self expression.

I encourage all forms of comment on this post. And Dan, if on the off chance that you stumble across this, and you still have a problem with what I did, let me know. I'll gladly stop by the gallery and further explain myself.




  2. hey nicole....kudos to you! i get so fed up of so called 'censoring" if people have a problem with something they should just avoid it!
    great blog btw!!!

  3. Thi post was hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh. These blog commentators are as bad as those Youtube Trolls that go round just beign negative and write loads of shite in the comment section! Just do what you have to do and st*ff the rest who just want to be negative and have no life.

  4. lolol what?? that denial bro is weird.