Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My First Heartsy Purchase! (An Item Review)

A little while back, a shop called PinkFlowerCube was on Heartsy. I had seen the shop in the past, and always liked the poly resin flower earrings she sold. I decided to purchase the deal, and I got to shopping right away. There were a lot of choices, but not so many that I felt overwhelmed. I finally settled on a pink pair, and a blue pair.
Right after I ordered, I sent Michelle a convo telling her how excited I was to be getting the earrings. She responded pretty quickly, considering the amount of orders she was getting through the Heartsy deal.
This all happened the last two days of April. I just received the earrings yesterday, which was really fast, considering there was an international border and what not between us. I opened the envelope, and I was so excited when I looked inside!! The earrings were wrapped carefully with bubble wrap to keep them from getting squished. (I will definitely have to do this with my earrings in the future)
Under the bubble wrap, this is what greeted me.
They are SO perfect! There isn't a bunch of adhesive slopped on the back of them (which I have encountered before) The earring post is perfectly centred. No ridiculous amount of packaging. And, her business cards are beautiful!!
I wore the blue roses yesterday, and I got a few compliments. Even my MALE doctor commented. You can sort of see my new nail colour in the photo (grey and blue) and the shades are similar enough that they will compliment each other.
I am so happy with these earrings! I really wish I had ordered more pairs! Hopefully, once the cash flow is a little more on the positive side***, I will get some more. I strongly recommend going to PinkFlowerCube for all your cute jewelry needs!

If you are interested in having one of your items reviewed, please let me know! I plan on doing this with all the items I purchase from now on.

***Getting in a car accident is rough. There are so many expenses we have to take care of until insurance reimburses us. Not to mention, there were issues with our taxes, my credit card bill is due, etc etc etc. It's all piling on at once, and it's just being a big pain in the butt.

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