Monday, May 23, 2011

Self Portrait Monday: May 23, 2011

Pardon the mess! We have rearranged the furniture again, and we need to get rid of my old mattress, so everything is right near the desks new location. It's also quite warm, so I am pretty red looking. More about my surroundings soon!!

I am getting a pair of earrings ready to ship. These ones are in a little box because I want to make sure they are extra safe. Why these ones? Because they have a loooong trip. By Google Maps directions, just over 25 000 kilometres, and 15 000 of those are kayaking across the Pacific, with a stopover in Hawaii and Japan. Where are these earrings going?


Holy cow! I am so excited. I got the order when I was out and about on Saturday evening, and I wasn't really paying much attention. The following morning, I looked at my phone and saw notifications from my PayPal app, and some emails. I just about jumped for joy, but Rick was still sleeping. This weekend is a holiday weekend, so I don't think that the post office is open. I will head there bright and early tomorrow morning to ship them. The one girl that works there is starting to get used to my frequent visits. I think once I have gone a few more times, and I can see if she wears earrings, and what colours she likes, I will bring her a pair for being so awesome.

So, the room I am in... It is still the office, but we turned the desk 90 degrees to maximize floor space. But right now, there is a ton of crap piled up in a fairly unorganized way. Those drawers are FULL of yarn. There are some cones on the shortest drawer tower. There is some new yarn in a shopping bag. That shopping bag is sitting on the huge Rubbermaid bin that I keep my finished items in for shows. Basically, it's a mess. The biggest annoyance is that old mattress. As soon as it's out of the way, there will be so much more space.

I am getting some things ready for some awesome new stuff on the blog. It won't be for a little while, still, but it will be pretty awesome!

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