Monday, May 9, 2011

Self Portrait Monday is Back! May 9, 2011

I know, I know, I've been a terrible blogger! But here is a sweet shawl to hopefully make up for it.
I got an awesome yarn cake in a bag of yarn that was given to me recently. It's pale pink, lavender and grey, with a sort of yellowy-green strand of something shimmery through it. It sounds totally gross, but looks awesome in person. I am doing a very simple stockinette stitch shawl, with yarn over eyelets at the edges to make the increases. If I had any idea of what the yardage of the ball could be, I would have probably attempted my first lace shawl. I'm about halfway through the ball right now, and I still love knitting it!
In other news, I've won quite a few contests recently. Earrings, yarn and address labels so far. I have entered a whole bunch of other contests that haven't been drawn yet, so I might win some more! I also ordered a few things on Etsy. The mail will finally be something more exciting than bills and junk!
I received my order of buttons from Wicked Wool Gathering that I ordered a little while ago, and I couldn't be happier. I ordered three different packs of buttons with which to make earrings. I haven't started making any yet, but I certainly will be soon!
If you need colourful buttons, roving, or other supplies, you should definitely check out Wicked Wool Gathering! Brenda is super funny, and great to deal with. She also sent me a sample of some other button packs she has in the shop! They're all unique, so not good for earrings, but I will probably use them on iPhone cozies, or to embellish a cowl or scarf.
I bought a Heartsy deal a little while ago, and I got two pairs of earrings from it. Once I get those, I will surely post about them! And I will do the same when I get the other prizes and purchases.
Well, I'm off to go attempt to photograph some new stock for the store!

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