Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesdays Are For Gratitude: May 1, 2013

Every Wednesday, I write up a little post listing various things I am grateful for that week. It could be simple things, or it could be something extravagant. Scientific studies have shown that people who show gratitude live happier, more fulfilling lives. I don't like to argue with science.
This post isn't meant to point out the things I have that others might not, in fact, it's a way to keep me humble.
So, here goes! This week I am grateful for
Richard  /  Our new (to us) car  /  TheKnitGirllls  /  DramaticKnits  /  Etsy  /  Facebook  /  Winston being happy despite some more health issues  /  Long walks  /  Casino buffet  /  Junk food  /  Ebooks  /  Winning a giveaway  /  My yarn stash
What are you grateful for this week?

In other news, I finished off another skein of yarn! I used it to make a baby hat for one of tomorrows RTS sales. I've been cranking these things out like crazy lately. I'm really happy with the way they look. I'll be taking pictures of some other hat styles next week when I finish the second one of the pair.
This brings my tally to -15 for the year! I'm so happy. I have another few skeins which are close to being finished as well.
I hope you all are having a wonderful first day of May!


  1. I'm not trying to be mean or be a fear-monger, but a baby hat with long ties is horrifying to me. You should rethink your design and maybe incorporate velcro/snaps instead of ties. Your knitting is posing a strangulation risk to babies/toddlers. Please do some research. It might save some lives.

    Forum comment from the first google result dealing with baby knitting with long ties:

    "I work as a toy tester and see this everyday. For children under 36 months, if it can form a 5" loop and takes more than 5lbf. to separate it will choke children. There are about 24 deaths last I saw from kids who get it trapped on something. This CPSC regulation actually bans children's hoodies with hood strings from sale due to the choking hazard. Anything to be sold commercially needs to meet the clothing standard."

    1. I really wish you weren't anonymous, then you might actually see my reply.
      I don't put ties or any sort of decorative items on hats meant to be worn by babies or children for the purpose of keeping them warm.
      All these hats with ties and decorative elements are photography props, meant to be worn for short periods of time, in very supervised conditions.
      I do understand your concern, but if you'd read any posts relating to any of these items, you would realize that these are not meant to be worn for any periods of time which could cause danger to the children.